24 November 2022

The Society of Automotive Engineers CESA 2022

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👉 Save the date ! Dec 7-8 2022

The Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile CESA 2022 is back ! 

More than ever the Automotive industries have to face strategic challenges, the #SoftwareDefinedVehicle is the new challenge to make transportation greener 🌱 and always more attractive 🚗 🚲 🛴

How to deal with fast software updates, keeping safety at the top of expectations in more complex eco-system ?  
We are excited to showcase how our #SafetyDevOps framework boosts efficiency to integrate heterogeneous software features on a centralized Electronic Architecture.  

Come and listen Paul Dubrulle our CTO among so many interesting keynotes ! Can’t wait to be here 🤗  

See you there 👋 !!


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