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FACE : Future Architecture for automotive Computing Environment

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Alkalee is a CEA spinoff, inheriting from a large innovation program between the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) from 2016 to 2019 to replace dozens of embedded computers by a unique centralized computing solution.

Based on this cooperation, and more that 15 years of R&D, Alkalee has developed a complementary range of software products :

    • Euphilia, a software suite to design high performance real time embedded platforms.


    • Receef, an embedded software to secure the platform operations.
Our Goal

Improve productivity and secure operations

Emergence of new technologies for robotization, connectivity or hybridization, based on artificial intelligence or data analytics, is leading to an unprecedented complexity of embedded systems.

This growing complexity jeopardizes the production of embedded systems (quality/cost/time issues) and their reliability.

A robust design to secure production and operations

Our open and agile approach empowers integrators to secure and shorten the path from innovation to product.

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Enable a wide range of applications for a fully customizable autonomous and connected equipments
Alkalee acts within key business clusters and excellence industries
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Our Strength
Powerful strategic partnerships

The diversity of our academic and technological partners is our strength. Our proposals are developed jointly with experts from around the world in search of excellence. This platform of independent experts ensures us a complementarity with existing business solutions and a wide range of technological services.

Our influential partnership network proves our ability to integrate a complex ecosystem

Highly skilled and internationaly renowned, these partners are supporting us, and accelerate our success.

Our network of partners and prescriptors is built upon:

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    General purpose Systems Engineering tools editors

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    Operating system, hypervisors and middleware

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    Application development tool vendors for data fusion, data processing and scientific computing

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    High performance Soc Vendors

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    Best-in-class research teams in formal methods and system engineering methods

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    An international advisory board

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Our presence in industrial and institutional ecosystems internationally is on the rise.

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