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the systems modeling tool

Euphilia is the enabler of the SW defined vehicle to secure your specification and accelerate the System deployment on heterogeneous computing platforms.

The target

Euphilia supports software integrators of heterogeneous functions on centralized electronic platforms for all types of vehicles, from the passenger car, to heavy industrial or military vehicles.

As integration concerns range from domain-level to vehicle-level, Euphilia can be used either by equipment manufacturer or vehicle OEM.

Euphilia allows to decouple HW and SW design cycles for a safe and secure deployment of vehicle features at any time during the vehicle lifecycle.

Product sheet

Euphilia is a unique toolsuite enabling SW integrator stakeholders to join their efforts to imagine, validate, and deploy your innovations.

Formal methods at your service to secure the crossing of the innovation to-product chasm.


  • Model based system engineering for software integration.
  • Compatible with any kind and number of processor, operating system or hypervisor.
  • Securely accessible from any computer in SaaS mode.
  • Timing oriented software specification.
  • Early performance evaluation for heterogeneous execution platforms.
  • Automated software deployment and validation.
  • Covering all range of vehicle specification.
  • Conformity checking for internal source or third party code.


  • Reduced testing and validation of embedded software.
  • Unambiguous description of system operation for guaranteed specification quality.
  • Early electronic platform sizing.
  • Compliance verification of software delivered by application providers.
  • Functionality integration compliance guaranteed.
  • Incremental updates of embedded software at any time.
  • Easy management of application variants.
  • Companion tool for V-cycle or DevOps processes.


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