Car manufacturer

Mastering the switch to the software defined vehicle

Vehicles increasingly integrated into our digital life

A perceived value now carried by the software requiring a new form of agility close to customer expectations.

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence and connectivity is shaking the transport industry and pave the way for new vehicle applications and usages.

The improvement of the user experience and the continuous adaptation to the expectations require to modify in depth the electronic infrastructures. The platforms must be standardized, mainly based on software in order to allow quick updates, while remaining compliant with security standards.



The benefits of an open solution

Modularity, a guarantee of efficiency

We provide a high-performance solution allowing each manufacturer to efficiently compose their Electrical and Electronic Vehicle Architecture from all available technologies and to deploy new features even faster.

The benefits

The value​

Keep control and value of your architecture Electrical and Electronic cantralized.

The update

Fast updates, at any time, close to customers’ expectations.

The speed

Integrate, validate, and deploy new software features even more quickly !

The data

Monitor, analyze, use the data exchanged between all features to enhance the functionalities.

The proof

Fast and safe integration of suppliers’ software features.

The standardization

Use all standard and recognized technologies.