Industrial machinery

Scalable vehicles for optimized field operation

Multiply your partners

Customization to enhance professional usages

The operation of industrial machinery requires a high level of availability and operational quality of service. Adapting to the terrain and customization required for optimized use requires a unique development process and technologies. Share a single vehicle infrastructure with all your customers and customise their use any time as close as possible to customer expectations.



The benefits of operating a rich eco-system

Easy access to all players in the value chain for individualized composition

Thanks to our methodology and tools to easily manage an infinite number of variants, access to all available technologies is possible, and perform a fast and reliable integration. Composing, enhancing and make systems evolving quickly while maintaining safety and reliability is now a reality.

The benefits

The openness

Leverage the best technologies or features from high-volume industries.

A revolution in continuity​

Continuously make your systems evolving, remaining compatible with current technologies, for a smooth transition.


Quickly deploy new functions, at the right time, in the right place, for the right use, a configuration for every need !

Optimized operation​

Develop unique and high added value functions, allowing optimal data collection and exploitation, as close as possible to the field.