Complex systems with distributed intelligence, built to last and stay state of the art of the technology

Access to the best technologies

A personalized development, exploiting technologies widely used in the industry

The need to maintain a technological lead remains a key issue of the defense industry. Digital transformation is a major issue in all industries, and leads to thinking about optimizing the use of available resources and technologies.

By efficiently coordinating sub-components interactions, Alkalee enables the creation of complex, scalable and easy-to-maintain systems. Cross-usage of technologies between industrial sectors maximizes technical and economic benefits.



The benefits of technology sharing

Maximize the use of hardware and software components over time

We provide a high-performance solution enabling all Defense players to adapt the electronic development cycle over the devices life cycle By decoupling Hardware and Software development cycles, and by efficiently using standardized technologies, we enable a continuous adequacy of features as required, while minimizing the impact of component obsolescence management.

The benefits

The development cycle

Optimize your hardware and software developments by unlinking their life cycles.

The proof

A correct behavior proved even for a complex system partially certified.

The standardization

Get access to recognized technologies in high-volume markets such as automotive.

The reuse

Maximize the use of hardware and software components over time.