Our technology, what makes us unique


Tailor-made technology for scalable vehicles

Our technology is based on a formal modelling of data exchange between software features. It is operated through a tool chain and an on-board software infrastructure that can be customized to serve integrators. This allows new services to be deployed quickly and safely throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.





An innovation program leveraging on 20 years of R&D

In the preliminary phase of the « FACE » project, a unique model of computation has been developed and patented, enabling systems to be described and their behaviour to be analysed automatically the tools able to exploit this concept are now being developed by Alkalee for wider use throughout the ecosystem.


3 years
Of design

A mathematical model

The core of the innovation we operate is in a model of computation (MoC) providing a formal framework that ensures the consistency of multi-source real-time systems, from the specification phases to the integration phases.

Unique and patented several times, this formal framework allows Alkalee to provide tools for the specification and design of complex systems by aggregating software components from multiple vendors in a safe, modular and transparent manner.

A qualified innovation in 5 international A-rank conférences

From a scientific point of view, the Alkalee solution is based on a unique model of computation presented at major international peer-reviewed scientific conferences. This model of computation, called PolyGraph, finds its origins in several models used widely in critical industries, including the avionic and nuclear sectors.

Values of our technology

A resolutely open technology approach

Convinced that the best products are the result of an optimized integration of the best technologies, our open approach makes it possible to exploit all the technologies and the value available in innovation eco-systems.
This open and agile approach opens new avenues to freely develop innovative features, while keeping control of your integration.

Benefit of our technology

Efficient and smart centralisation

What options for centralisation ?

  • Internalization, accessible to new entrants who have demonstrated the benefits of centralized electronics by offering new user experiences, but with huge resources deployed, and little ability to integrate external innovations.
  • The delegation, which remains the simplest way to focus your effort on the features, subcontracting all integration, but with an obvious loss of value to a single partner.
  • The proprietary environment, which makes it possible to integrate external functions adapted to its specific environment, with a very high initial effort, strong constraints on suppliers that can turn away from this dedicated environment.
Our approach : the 4th alternative !

We advocate the development of an open and secure environment that makes it possible to coordinate and contract interactions between integrators and technology and features providers.

The novelty and interest for the integrator is therefore to be able to integrate easily and quickly software functions developed by third parties according to recognized standards, operating on different operating systems (OS), and having very varied real-time or critical constraints, on a centralized high-performance platform that can be massively parallel and heterogeneous.

The use of standards,
the key to sustainable performance​

Thanks to our multi-patented technology, which enables large-scale collaborations with all partners, we offer a resolutely effective and robust approach that addresses specific issues of software integration. We allow to exploit all the standard components and technologies of the market. The masterful combination of the best products in each area is a guarantee of an efficient and optimized architecture.


By enjoying total freedom in the choice of components, partners, be able to quickly enhance your system, add new functions at any time.

Safety and security

There is no compromise on operational safety or cybersecurity. Our solution provides the necessary guarantees for optimal integration.


Define and verify compliance with supplier delivery interfaces through a simple-to-use tool chain, dedicated to operating multiple variants.


By relying on standards, and optimizing the specification, we allow to deploy new software features in less than three months, with a validation cost divided by two.


Our methodology improves development efficiency, the use of standards, coupled with an optimization of the specification phases accelerates and secures the industrialization process.


Through a simple and rapid specification, validation of integration and non-regression is reduced to its simplest expression.


Already active and recognized in the automotive industry and confirming the relevance of our offer to the entire mobility industry, we can support you in the migration towards this new digital era.


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