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Prototyping service

Deploy a powerful and representative embedded platform.

With our prototyping service, quickly develop outstanding demonstrators, foreshadowing rapid industrialization.

Our expertise in software integration allows us to support you in the deployment of your services on a centralized platform prefiguring the final product.

Our methodology and tools prepare for safe, rapid integration, as close as possible to the expectations of users.

The target

For any division developing proof of concept, our prototyping service accompanies you in an optimized design and realization around a centralized electronics.

Based on your specifications, we can model the system, develop the software infrastructure, or even optionally bring our hardware infrastructure to create extraordinary, industrializable demonstrators.

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Product sheet

Our prototyping offer exploits our know-how in software integration, coupled with our mastery of hardware infrastructure to effectively support you in the realization of impactful and representative demonstrators.


  • Tailored integration, adapted to any kind of features.
  • Usable on table, mockup, vehicle, autonomous shuttle.
  • Possible interfacing with existing infrastructure or networks.
  • Possibility to work on our Koreel infrastructure, or third-party electronic platforms.
  • Multi-source integration, for collaborative work.


  • Quickly develop prototypes as close as possible to technologies and trends.
  • A flexible partner for your performance.
  • Easy reuse for easier industrialization.
  • An early consideration of sizing, operational safety, technologies.
  • A total mastery of technologies and associated suppliers.

Prototyping service

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