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the hardware prototyping platform modular and efficient

Koreel is the modular, multi-processor and multi-OS rapid prototyping platform.

Developed from the latest generation of components and technologies, this powerful platform is the perfect tool to prototype your latest innovations in a representative environment.

The target

The exploitation of new technologies and innovative applications faces the difficulty of demonstrating them in real-life conditions, as the systems in which they are integrated are complex. Koreel allows to quickly develop and test any software feature alone or in interaction with a set of functions, sensors or actuators.

Using the latest processor, embedded network technologies, and compatible with all operating systems on the market, Koreel is the ideal prototyping platform to anticipate the development of a new product.

Product sheet

Koreel is an electronic platform combining a high performance computing server and a flexible inputs/outputs management unit. This electronics hosts a heterogeneous software infrastructure combining the main operating systems available.

Thanks to integration tools and a quick start kit, you will be able to deploy your innovative software feature as quickly as possible. The complexity of an automotive infrastructure is finally within reach.


  • Hardware platform based on a high performance and heterogeneous motherboard (Renesas RCar H3 and RH850 processors).​
  • 4 expansion slots for daughterboards via a PCIe gen3 or Automotive Ethernet. TSN.
  • Get access to all kind of processors thanks to our portfolio of daughterboards (Kalray MPPA, Renesas SOC, Xilinx FPGA).
  • A high performance solution with the dimensions of a shoe box.
  • Taylor-made Software platform, based on standard operating systems (Autosar, Linux, ROS).
  • Multiple connection possibilities (Eth. TSN, CAN FD and 177 IOs of all kinds) thanks to our signal aggregation card.


  • A custom made system combining different processors from chip manufacturers and operating systems from different software vendors.
  • Able to interface all kind of existing sensors/actuators or ECUs.
  • A platform with a software suite and reference applications for rapid deployment of new features.
  • A simplified compilation environment for any hardware and software configuration of the platform.
  • Ease to reuse in the industrialization phase thanks to the representativeness of our electronic and software platform.
  • A state-of-the-art solution for processors for simultaneous execution of many high-performance applications based on AI or not.
  • Integration in a complete environment allowing the cohabitation of mixed criticality applications on suitable processors (MCU, CPU, GPU).


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