Technology supplier

Develop your position in a new value chain around the software, without being an expert.

Supporting the digital transformation

Collaborate with the best skills to optimize your digital strategy, expand your know-how, increase your added value !

The Software Defined Vehicle revolution affects the whole partners eco-system. The digitalisation of all devices is a real technological and industrial challenge, especially for mechanical technologies. We support all players in their field to develop innovative products that integrate the digital dimension, with added value around the software, and maintain maximum compatibility with the needs of integrators.



The benefits of a trusted partner with a human dimension

Develop unique know-how by adding a software dimension to your products

The development of an eco-system of major players, having developed efficient and standard interfaces allows a truly performant global economic equation, and an equitable sharing of value. We strongly support the support and development of an open and rich eco-system.

We allow any technology provider to add a software dimension providing an undisputable advantage. By making systems intelligent their added value augmented, their growth has accelerated a new bow string made possible with less effort, and remaining on standard and proven technologies.

The benefits


Integrate the digital dimension into the development of your products, right from the design stage.

The interface

Work in universal and standardized environments, for an easy-to-integrate product.

The independance

Stay on top of innovation, maintaining independence and autonomy in the eco-system.

Industrial Innovation

Prepare innovative products and experiences in a flow leading directly to industrialization.