Build and orchestrate software infrastructure in tune with your customers.

The effective partnership

Get the benefit of a rich eco-system to serve the major players in the digital revolution

Efficiency is at the heart of performance. relying on existing, recognised technologies and organizing their orchestration, our solution makes it possible to compose and propose tailor-made responses to manufacturers’ requests. By supporting the richness and diversity of hardware and software technologies, we are able to develop more efficiently, safely, and always close to customers’ expectations.



The benefits of a tailor-made modular integration

Standards, the basis of a high-performance platform

We provide a high-performance solution that allows each integrator provider to efficiently create a software infrastructure that meets the specific needs of its applications. This infrastructure makes it possible to compose several OS and can run on multiple processors, selected with complete autonomy. The Receef infrastructure, based on our patented mathematical model, secures communications within this complex environment.

This ongoing monitoring ensures operational safety and reinforces cybersecurity in a proven manner. Any deviations or anomalies in the interactions are detected, and corrective actions are applied automatically. Finally, thanks to the collecting of usage data, Receef allows a maximum knowledge and exploitation of the information exchanged within the system.

The benefits

The added value

Increase the added value of your system by simplifying and accelerating its integration.

The reuse

Maximize the reuse of your product innovation developments, always in line with customer expectations.

The effective composition

Use internal or external components to create ever more innovative services.

The speed

Develop quickly, always keep a feature ahead.