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Optimized shuttles for continuous and safe learning

A solution dedicated to service delivery

Focus on developing specific functions

The autonomous shuttle opens up new perspectives in urban mobility. By enabling automated and autonomous travel, it helps optimize fleet management. However, the required technological maturity, in particular, of environmental perception, prediction and planning algorithms makes deployment complex and costly. The use of existing or Artificial Intelligence-based technologies, adapted to vehicles, makes it possible to focus on the development of user-centric software features.



The benefits of a standardized platform

Build your developments on standard environments for easy integration

We provide a high-performance solution enabling autonomous shuttles manufacturers to develop and integrate components and services efficiently and quickly on an embedded platform. Thanks to our modeling tools, optimized integration and unlimited scalability are guaranteed. Speed up you deployment !

The benefits

An open platform

Focus your development on what makes you valuable.

Ready to embed

Easily embed all the software features on an optimized electronics.

The speed

Get quick access the market by reducing validation time.

Always more data

Monitor, collect data exchanged between software features, optimize running operation.