Our culture

The genesis of the founding team

A close-knit action-oriented founding team

Alkalee was born after meeting its three future founders, then involved in the FACE project, led by the CEA and Renault. It aimed to rethink the electronic architectures of the future. Three of the main stakeholders were :

Raphaël David, responsible for this programme for the CEA ;
Laurent Le Garff, head of electronic innovation programmes for the Alliance ;
Paul Dubrulle, head of development of the model of computation around which all the project developments were organized.

50 years of experience to propel Alkalee

Within this trio, the distinct skills of each quickly find a place and a relationship based on common values. Alkalee was born.

This new adventure draws on the know-how of each founding member. The three of them have over 50 years of experience in the field of electrical and electronic architectures.

Paul has innovation at heart, a very high expectation on the technical quality of developments and on the respect of milestones. Raphaël, meanwhile, has a high level of expertise in driving innovation programs and optimizing team engagement. Finally, Laurent excels in making innovation accessible to as many people as possible. He knows how to anticipate the constraints inherent to the teams and industries in order to prepare the favorable context for the adoption of the best products.

The 3 co-founders

A talented and highly skilled trio

Bold, passionate and determined.
Expert in innovation management, Raphaël had multiple experiences in leading large scale engineering teams in CEA. Used to manage growth in many different domains,
he knows how to transform uncertainties into opportunities.

Raphaël David


Patient, pragmatic and responsible.
Expert in automotive industry, he spent 20 years diving into this value chain‘s niceties. He lead international programs ranging from innovation to engine development in Renault. He knows how to produce and distribute technologies and products all around the world.

Laurent Le Garff


Rigorous, inventive and resourceful.
Expert in embedded system architectures at CEA, he holds many patents and publications in the field of mixed-critical systems. He built European research programs and managed academic and industrial partners. He knows how to transform disruptive technologies into customer solutions.

Paul Dubrulle


Objet flou
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Energy, Trust, Diversity and Expertise

At Alkalee, we believe the sum of diversified individual skills and opinions can overcome any obstacle.

We strive to continuously improve our products, our way of building them, and ourselves

– Sharing
– Awareness
– Efficiency
– Responsibility
– Commitment
– Creativity

Fond filet techno

Our visionary technological environment is a medium of expression that invites everyone to surpass themselves.

As a fast-growing company, cohesion and the diversity of projects, trades and training remain our priority. We favour the long-term relationship, the exchange and the mutual permanent learning between employees.

We celebrate differences and seek to create a unique identity out of many

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Our values

Living Alkalee is about putting our beliefs into action.

At Alkalee, we believe in :

We bring together specialists, passionate about their field of activity. We believe that plurality of know-how drives achievement. Together we see further and aim higher.


Trust and professional transparency unite us. Our ultimate satisfaction is to build a fluid, efficient, and sustainable collaboration that contributes to your success.


Alkalee is built around our diversity. The heterogeneity of profiles, know-how and interpersonal skills creates an agile, rich, and versatile team. We believe in interaction, emulation and collective intelligence.


Motivation, positive attitude, proactivity, and commitment are our sources of energy. We believe in the strength of daring realization and decisive action to expand the range of possibilities.

Move forward together

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to strengthen our team in developing the vehicles of tomorrow.