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Our Benchmarking activity allows us to stay ahead of the technological watch, and evaluate all the hardware and software technologies available, to serve your industrial developments.

An easy choice, based on a detailed evaluation, on our Koreel modular platform.

The target

Designed for any software or hardware integrator, our Benchmarking service allows an objective and detailed evaluation of a candidate technology.

A decision based on concrete data, measured on an agnostic platform of any supplier solution.

Product sheet

Our Benchmarking offer is based on our software know-how and exploits the modularity of our Koreel platform. We can create any environment to evaluate or compare hardware or software technologies.

The creation of additional dedicated boards allows any hardware configuration, including the network.


  • Compatible with all hardware or software technologies.
  • Ability to compare technologies in a representative and simultaneous environment.
  • Measurement of all representative metrics (power efficiency, loads, delays, etc.).
  • Independent from any technology supplier.
  • Can be applied on all usecases (autonomous vehicle, artificial intelligence, cockpit).


  • Numerical results on any kind of technology.
  • Anticipate structuring choices in projects.
  • An assessment of the performance of your software feature on a representative environment.
  • Transparency and confidence in the results: an engineering job.
  • More time to develop applications with high added value, we take care of the rest.

Benchmarking Service

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