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Embed a secured orchestrator to coordinate your vehicle features

Receef is the embedded software layer to monitor and coordinate heterogeneous applications on centralized electronics.

The target

The aggregation of all vehicle functionalities on a centralized computer requires that multiple heterogenous services coexist in a safe and secure manner.

The challenge is to ensure a complete sharing of data and vehicle electronics while providing relevant execution conditions whatever the nature of the function (safety, connected, high performance, …).connected, high performance, …).

Product sheet

Running over multiple operating systems, Receef enables system orchestration and monitoring.

Embedding the formal model described by Euphilia, Receef ensures the application of corrective measures in case of deviation from the expected behavior.


  • Continuous monitoring, completely transparent for application and independent of the OS.
  • A service-oriented communication architecture compatible with traditional signal-oriented environments.
  • A tailor-made software monitoring layer running over a large choice of OS (Linux, Autosar) or hypervisors (Sysgo, Xen).
  • Automatic and controlled deployment of fallback strategies in case of abnormal behavior.
  • Distributed software compatible with all types of processors (SoC, MCU, manycores, GPU, FPGA), regardless of their number.


  • Suitability of the execution support to the application needs, whatever their constraints (safety level, connected, high performance, reliability).
  • A competition of your suppliers facilitated by a universal platform.
  • A light orchestration of all the features integrated on your vehicle.
  • Application software reuse facilitated by isolation of the functional description of the service from its non-functional parameters.
  • Demonstrably enhanced safety.
  • Automated usage data collection for easy operation.


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