1 December 2022

Alkalee pitch at GIFAS

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Particularly honored to have presented Alkalee to the jury of the #StartAir club of GIFAS – Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales 🛰 🛩 🚀 as a bearer of innovative ideas.

👉 We are convinced that the disruptive technology offered by our #Euphilia solution will allow the ASD sector to pass a bet in terms of reliable and secure integration on the embedded platforms of tomorrow.

Drastically reducing software integration and validation costs at any point in the platform’s lifecycle, while ensuring its operational safety, are part of our commitments. 👊

Congratulations to the ASD sector for having become aware of these issues now. 👏

#ASD #Aéronautique #Spatial #Défense #industrie #innovation #software #DevSafeOps #safety

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