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Integrate new technologies and innovations without jeopardizing
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Improve your productivity through software integration and verification automation.


Orchestrate and monitor your real-time embedded systems to secure your operations.

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System engineering and embedded Software experts

  • Editor of Euphilia, a software suite to design high performance real time embedded platform.
  • Distributor of Receef, an embedded software to control the platform operations.
  • Business solutions connector to generate value from sparse data.
  • DevOps based processes to meet incremental objectives, driven by technology or regulatory evolutions.
  • Managed services to help the transition towards software oriented approaches.
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Fond filet
Mobility challenged by connected objects

of the value of Electronics on centralized computers

Today, mobility players are challenged by 3 global trends :
  • Electrification and/or hybrid propulsion ;
  • Robotization to automate operations ;
  • Connectivity to enable cooperative operations ;
Deal with unprecedented complexity of embedded systems.
The embedded systems industry is facing significant difficulties

◼︎ To manage the growing software complexity.

◼︎ To master the continuous evolution and maintenance of platforms with no regression.

◼︎ To secure the integration of new disruptive functions based on cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence or data analytics.


Take advantage of the technology to test and enhance the performance of your platforms.

Our application solutions

The unique advantages of ALKALEE for :

  • Flèche bleue Industrialization of Software integration
  • Flèche bleue Embedded system architecture evaluation and benchmarking
  • Flèche bleue HW & SW lifecycles decorrelation
  • Flèche bleue Automatic error detection & mitigation
  • Flèche bleue Early deployment on embedded systems
  • ◼︎ Secure your software integration, from scratch or on top of the existing platform ;
  • ◼︎ Speedup the integration process safely and keep your time to market under control ;
  • ◼︎ Save 30% of your engineering ressources for integration & validation ;
  • ◼︎ Automate your SW production factory, building on your existing business solutions.
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  • ◼︎ Technical choices modeling and benchmarking through short performance evaluation loops ;
  • ◼︎ Exhaustive decision making at platform level ;
  • ◼︎ Project-scale evaluations at system level (up to system of systems level) ;
  • ◼︎ Early detection, even with sparse or incomplete information, thanks to mockup components.
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  • ◼︎ Decouple hardware and software development ;
  • ◼︎ Accelerate migration towards Service Oriented Architectures ;
  • ◼︎ Enable Software-as-a-product strategies in complex value chains ;
  • ◼︎ Ease HW or SW components maintenance and reuse to face any shortage situation.
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  • ◼︎ At-scale formal model consistency checking and timing analysis ;
  • ◼︎ Reduce manual coding for safety management ;
  • ◼︎ Integration of safety mechanism consistent with system level requirement ;
  • ◼︎ Automate event chains identification to configure Platform Health Monitoring services.
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  • ◼︎ Fast&easy deployment of applications on real or virtual embedded platform ;
  • ◼︎ Contextualization of the innovation in a reference model ;
  • ◼︎ Early identification of potential performances issues ;
  • ◼︎ Automatic monitoring for performance assessment and optimization.
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