Receef, the embedded features orchestration software

Receef is the embedded software that orchestrates heterogeneous software features by integrating multiple operating systems.

By embedding the characteristics of the euphilia model, it allows to check in-situ the behavior in accordance with the specification, and to react in case of any deviation.

The target

Receef is the software for supervising exchanges between all software features and is designed for the supplier that designs centralised electronics.

Using the communication components of each operating system, it allows a total coordination of the data exchanged, whatever their level of criticality, or temporal characteristic.

Receef allows to detect and react to any deviation, and to collect the data exchanged for a thorough analysis of the current behavior.

Product sheet

Ajouté : Receef is a non-intrusive software overlay to be deployed on a complex software infrastructure in a centralized environment.

It ensures the coordination of all the data exchanged between software features at high-level, based on the theoretical and formally proven model generated by the Euphilia modeling.

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