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Euphilia, the systems modeling tool

Euphilia is the tool for specifying and modeling interactions between multiple software features.

It makes it possible to formally model the complete system, and thus to prove the correct software operation for a fast, robust and reliable design.

The target

Designed for software integrators (Manufacturers, suppliers), Euphilia is the tool simplifying the construction of software architectures integrating heterogeneous and multi-source features.

It makes it possible to deploy new software features in less than 3 months, at any time of the life cycle of the vehicle, by reducing by 50% the validations cost of the software.

Product sheet

Euphilia is a SaaS modeling software available from any computer.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, maximum compatibility and an underlying mathematical model of undisputed performance, it is the ideal companion to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of new services on a centralized system.

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