8 December 2022


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Alkalee CTO Paul Dubrulle was on stage at the Société des Ingénieurs de l’Automobile CESA 2022 to present the Safety-oriented #DevOps hot topic. 

Your integration time & effort is already 80% related to software according to VECTOR Informatik, so it’s time to optimize it with a real breakthrough solution before it’s too late. ⛈️

Alkalee is taking care of the safe and efficient integration and operations of your embedded SW, during the whole life cycle of your platform (#linefit and #retrofit).

👉 Good news, our encapsulation concept allows our #Euphilia solution to comply with your SW ecosystem as it is. 🌤️

Optimize your #TimeToMarket ⏳ with a safe platform and minimize your #downtime thanks to the #SafeDevOps with Euphilia by Alkalee !


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