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Secure your design and orchestrate all stakeholders’ interactions to ensure fast and stable deployments.

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Catalyst of the digital transformation, ALKALEE :

  • Help suppliers and OEM to create the next generation of vehicles, safe, connected, autonomous and secured.
  • Develop unique software bricks for centralization and software integration players.
  • Define DevOps processes to meet user-oriented objectives as well as regulatory requirements.
  • Provide expert support and insights on the evolution of automotive technologies and market trends.
  • Leverage key partnerships to master the mobility industry mutations.
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Mobility challenged by connected objects

of the value of Electronics on centralized computers

Today, mobility players are challenged by 3 global trends :
  • Provide eco-efficient vehicles that comply with new environmental standards ;
  • Offer new functions for more autonomous and connected vehicles, in a rapidly changing automotive industry ;
  • Adapt to new on-demand mobility offers and innovative business models ;
Adapt to new on-demand mobility offers and innovative business models.
The embedded systems market in difficulty

◼︎ Integration challenges, at the core of centralised architectures, are underestimated.

◼︎ Current modeling tools are oversized or even unsuitable because their applications are very heterogeneous. Their extension to a large scale are restricted and limited.

◼︎ Most electronic solutions detect and address integration bugs, but have no way to anticipate them.


Adapt to new on-demand mobility offers and innovative business models.

Our application solutions

The unique advantages of ALKALEE for :

  • Flèche bleue Car manufacturer
  • Flèche bleue Integrator supplier
  • Flèche bleue Defense
  • Flèche bleue Industrial machinery
  • Flèche bleue Shuttle manufacturer
  • ◼︎ Optimize your electronic architectures ;
  • ◼︎ Generate increased operating margins ;
  • ◼︎ reduce your environmental footprint ;
  • ◼︎ Bringing ultra-competitive solutions to your customers.
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  • ◼︎ Develop architectures or subsystems by maximizing re-use ;
  • ◼︎ Deploy new innovative services straight to the market ;
  • ◼︎ Increase the added value of your systems by assembling sensors, actuators and services ;
  • ◼︎ Adapt to various customer demands through a system of technological bricks.
Integrator supplier Technology supplier
  • ◼︎ Decouple hardware and software development ;
  • ◼︎ Ensure cross-functional exchanges ;
  • ◼︎ Maximize reuse of hardware or software components ;
  • ◼︎ Converting standardised technologies in high volume industries.
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  • ◼︎ Provide operational excellence ;
  • ◼︎ Differentiate with exclusive, highly customizable and scalable technology tools based on purpose and usage ;
  • ◼︎ Fast and reliable integration of an infinite number of variants on the existing tool ;
  • ◼︎ Ensure optimum reliability and safety.
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  • ◼︎ Provide a unique and optimized electronic architecture solution with high added value ;
  • ◼︎ Effectively integrate components and services on an embedded system ;
  • ◼︎ Reduce the validation time of an innovative architecture ;
  • ◼︎ Deploy optimized autonomous shuttles on a large scale.
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